HG&S has represented individuals and companies before appellate courts throughout Colorado for decades. At trial our attorneys strive to develop a thorough record necessary to preserve all relevant issues in the event of an appeal. When our representation begins after trial ends, we work as closely as possible with our client and trial counsel to recognize preserve persuasive legal issues to either protect or challenge a verdict or order on appeal.

We have successfully prosecuted and defended appeals before district court judges, the Colorado Court of Appeals, and the Colorado Supreme Court. This experience teaches us that appellate advocacy requires a different approach than trial advocacy and we prepare accordingly. This includes an exhaustive review of the record and appellate motions practice when necessary to properly preserve the record. Our appellate writing and oral advocacy is designed with one goal in mind: explaining to the judge or judges presiding over the appeal why this case is important and how the record, applicable standard of review, and relevant law should shape its view of the trial court’s order.

Our Appeals Attorneys: